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The Audio Group is dedicated to the future of professional audio production. Our services cover all relevant areas such as music composition, orchestral recordings, sound design, field recordings, audio integration, software development, audio consulting and more.

We are an innovative, young-at-heart and established group of companies with flat hierarchies and a passionate, versatile team. Although we have been in the business for over 20 years, we still enjoy working in our special niches, where we are one of the "hidden champions" worldwide. We produce high quality music, sound effects and audio software for the international market.

Our work, our products and our content can be heard in thousands of well-known media productions such as DUNE, GAME OF THRONES, FORTNITE, RINGS OF POWER, AVENGERS, and many more.

With our labels BOOM Library, Sonuscore, Smartsound Cloud, A Sound Effect, Dynamedion and Audiokraft we have hundreds of thousands of customer worldwide and reach an audience of billions of people.

We are specialists in interactive, immersive, and adaptive sound, and develop entirely new types of software applications in this field: whether as web apps, as audio plug-ins, as virtual musical instruments or as AI and machine-learning supported tools.

We work in a very exciting and fun environment, with clients from all over the world and a unique creative team spread all over Europe. We are especially proud of the fact that all these multi-layered products and services are completely being tackled by our team. From concept to implementation and production, the creation and maintenance of our websites, to marketing and worldwide distribution. We are an independent company and have been successful for over 20 years, with a steady expansion of our company and product portfolio, our team and our reach.

Contact us if you want to work with us or take a look at our Job Openings if you want to shape the future of audio with us. We're looking forward to hearing from you.


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